The Barrier Islands of the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a thin strip of fragile sand made up of a series of dynamic islands that migrate back and forth. The islands come and go as the inlets which separate them open up only to be eventually filled back in.

Even as the islands come and go they have been steadily migrating to the west as the ocean would wash over the land and push the beach sand over to the back side of the barrier islands. There are areas on the beach where one can find tree stumps on the ocean front shoreline. The remnants of old forests can be located in the area north of Corolla and near the Villages at Nags Head at low tide on the edge of the ocean, sometimes under the water, sometimes under the sand and sometimes poking through the sand like ghosts reaching for release.

This westward migration does not occur any more since the Civilian Conservation Corps. built the dunes in the 1930’s to stop erosion. Now on top of the dunes are residential homes that range from humble cottages to Palatial McMansions. The elevation of the dunes offers exceptional ocean views and protection from storms. The fall bloom of sea oats on the dunes is as beautiful as any other fall scene in nature. The beauty of the Outer banks is one of the biggest attractions for those who like to vacation here.

Even with development seemingly over running the place, the area has managed to hold onto most of its charm. While the houses are no longer the quaint cottages of old there is a noticeable lack of high rise buildings and the crowds they bring. The locals long ago realized they had a little piece of paradise in their hands and took the steps necessary to protect it. There are ordinances in place to prevent the kind of over development that takes place with high-rise buildings. The beaches are uncrowded, the traffic is minimal and the schools are great.

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Affordable Auto Insurance – Safety Features and Lowered Rates

There are lots of things considered by insurers when your premium is calculated. When you know what these factors are, you can then work towards getting lowered rates based on the information you have received. I would here look at some factors that can help you lower your rates.

The first thing to note is that whatever reduces the likelihood of a claim is a plus for you as far as rates are concerned. The insurer looks at the risk they take by insuring you. The higher the risk, the higher your rates and the lower the risk, the lower your rates.

Here are a few things you could do to lower the risk your insurer assumes.

Airbags on your cars do more than help keep you safe. They also help to drive your rates lower. If you have a personal injury policy, this device, reduces the risk of an injury or at least the extent of injury sustained.

Anti-lock brakes which helps you maintain control in some tricky situations where you have to slam on your brake because it does not allow your wheel to lock also helps reduce the risk of a crash and by implication the rates you pay.

If you have any device that reduces or prevents theft like tracking devices, sophisticated alarms and some others we may not yet be aware of, you are reducing the risk of your car being stolen. The translates to a reduction in the risk the insurer takes and the rates you pay.

Automatic seat belts are also good safety measure because they protect you during a crash or near crash or when you have to apply your brakes abruptly. Since they reduce the risk to you, they also reduce to rates you pay.

If you have taken time to do all of the above and maybe more, you would have succeeded in saving on your auto insurance coverage. However, to save more, you would need to compare amongst insurers to know who would give you more discounts for the safety features you have in your car.

To know exactly with whom you would save more, compare free quotes online before taking up an insurer. Different insurers would give you different levels of discount.

Get very affordable auto insurance coverage. Get and compare free quotes online.

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Work From Home Based Business Or Work From Home Job – The Surprising Truth

So you want to work from home? Surprisingly 76% of people, who are now profiting from home, came to the Internet looking for a work from home job. They were not looking into starting a work from home business; they never even thought of becoming an entrepreneur, but when the reality of work from home jobs became apparent a percentage, not ready on giving up on their work from home dream, ended up starting an Internet Business. If you are coming to the Internet wanting to make money online, while you the enjoy the comfort of your home, There are some truths that you must be aware of when looking for a work from home opportunity

People prey on the emotions of a work from home job. People are commonly seeking a position from home where they can get paid for their time, such as data entry, accounting positions, medical transcriptionist, or the dreadful telemarketing position. But what these job seekers don’t realize is legitimate work from home jobs are hard to come by. Usually if someone has a job they can run from home, it is because they originally started the business in house. If one is lucky enough to find a hiring position, it is snatched up so fast, that you don’t even have time to fill out the application.

The competition is hefty, and you are in a long line of stay at home job seekers. Because it so difficult to obtain a job from home, we have people preying on your emotions. Many claiming they have a secret source where if you pay them $35.00 – $ 100.00 they will provide you with a list of businesses that are hiring people to work from home. Sounds, Reasonable right? Wrong, these list are bogus slapped together and have no real value to you as a work from home job seeker. These are generic outdated and thrown together list that someone is trying to make money, by using the supply and demand tactic. The jobs are far and few, however they indicate they have a solution to your problem. No matter how appealing these may seem to you, they are not going to provide you with the information you need to allow you to make money from home.

If you are looking for a job and not a work from home based business, then you should never pay to be hired, or pay for a list of businesses hiring. Starting a work from home based business is becoming a popular choice for people. While it is not a job with administrative responsibilities, it is a legitimate and profitable way for people to stay home and make money online. Due to the fact that jobs are difficult to come by we are seeing more and more legitimate home based business coming to the Internet. While many don’t expect to start a work from home based business many are finding it a profitable choice. It wasn’t long ago work from home based business were not recognized by society as a realistic approach to securing an income. In today’s business society it is not listed as one of the top business choices for Americans, and abroad. Compared to the work from home job, it is easier to find a solution that works for everyone. The Internet has evolved more Internet Business have opened on the Internet, giving income seekers a wide selection of choices to fit their needs and desires.

Compared to a job, there will be a fee to getting started in a work from home based business. Many think this is not a legitimate opportunity because there is a fee occurred to getting started. This is true when looking into a work from home job, as you are being hired and never should pay to be hired by an employer. It’s just doesn’t make since, you wouldn’t go to interview and bribe them with money for the position. The same holds true with Internet Jobs. However, a start up fee for an Internet Business creates its legitimacy because you are starting a business. You get all the tax benefits that incur with your own Internet Business, you are starting a business, therefore there are start up cost that incur. You wouldn’t start a coffee shop without putting capital into that business. It is the same thing comparison with an Internet Business, Don’t be fooled into thinking this method is a free way to make money online, there are start up fees that are necessary to have your business profiting.

Of course there are pros and cons to both income generating opportunities. A work from home job, there is no start up fee; you can receive raises depending on your employer, and your skills. The downsize of a job from home, is that because the demand is so great for these positions, you are easily replaced. Many employers will go back to the market when a raise is becoming necessary on your part. I have seen and experienced where so many people are stuck with their current finances because they don’t dare to dispute a raise due to the fact they are easily replaced. This is all if you are lucky in a work from home job in the first place. Of course some consider you lucky just because you found a position in the first place, with the market so tough to find one in the first place.

If you are considering starting a work from home based business, there are some things that you must consider. First of all compared to a job from home, there is an Internet Business startup cost. Compared to opening your own bricks and motors type business these are a cheaper alternative. However, it must be factored and considered when looking for the right Internet Business to partner with. You also must consider marketing strategies, and a lot of people who start an Internet Business do not understand how to advertise properly. The key to making sure a business works for you, and then you must learn how to market your business. Finding the right mentor or online business coach will assist you in reaching your goals. There are many great online business coaches that you can find for free when you join your Internet Business. You just have to research and find someone who is willing to train and mentor you so that your business can grow. Even with the learning curve, and the start up fees, the amount of income you can generate is endless. Compared to waiting for an employer to give you a raise, you decide your income. Your efforts that you implement is what will determine how much or how little you want to earn online.

The desire to work from the comfort from home has opened doors for many people. Some who want the comfort of a job, and some who want the endless possibilities of owning their own work from home based business. Many times people do not see themselves as entrepreneurs, never viewed themselves as business owners, however the reality of the Internet is creating, and finding new skills for people. No matter which opportunity you decide to go further with, I just suggest researching and obtaining as much data as you can. The dream of working from home is easily accessible as long as you are diligent and research each possibility further. Having as much knowledge about the position in question will allow you to have a positive work from home environment, and still create a income, now that’s what you want …right? Then start seeking and enjoy working from home.

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Equity Financing – Sharing the Spoils

Is scarcity of funds obstructing your venture? Are you looking for ways to finance your new business but dread the thought of monthly loan installments? If you said yes to the above, equity financing is what your business needs. Equity financing helps you raise funds without having to shoulder the burden of repayment.

It ain’t money for nothing. Sure, equity financing is not a loan, but it isn’t a gift either! When you raise equity funds, you part with an ownership interest in your company. This ownership takes the form of common stock or preferred stock. If the company makes a profit, investors receive a part of it in the form of dividend. Apart from taking a stake in the company, investors may also participate on the company’s board of directors and take an active role in managing the business. Bet that’s stuck in your throat!

While informal sources such as family and friends can provide equity financing, the most important source of professional equity funding are venture capitalists. These are deep-pocketed financial wizards in the business of investing in new or riskier businesses in exchange for very large returns.

So, what do equity investors look for?

Growth potential: Equity investors are usually aiming for the stars, and their only concern is how soon there can get there. That is why companies on a high growth path, capable of delivering solid returns on investment are more likely to get financing.

Exit strategy: Venture capitalists in particular, look for companies that have a clear exit strategy. They don’t want to hang around till it’s time to walk into the sunset. Five to seven years is all they’ll give you, and in that time they’ll expect to have trebled their investment at a minimum. If they can’t find a way of pulling out by way of a strategic sale, they won’t play ball.

Management quality: Since equity financing is all about investors climbing aboard, you can bet they’ll want to know who is captain of the ship. They pay more attention to the capabilities of the management team than anything else.

While interest payments won’t loom large over your head with equity financing, it will make a different set of demands on your business. Weigh the pros and cons before you take a decision.

The best part is that you pay back your investors only if the business does well. That way, you’re not the only one bearing financial risk. The right venture capitalist can bring in valuable skills, experience, contacts and assist you with strategy and decision making. What’s more, if the business does well, you are likely to secure further equity financing from existing investors.

On the flip side, you will have to accept a dilution in your shareholding. Also, some investors can be very high maintenance – so be prepared to be answerable to a bunch of hawks! This is the hardest for independent minded entrepreneurs.

Once you have decided to go in for equity financing, get cracking on your business plan. Talk to your financial and legal advisers before you reach out to potential investors. Be clear in your mind on the following:

a) How much funding is needed and for what purpose?
b) For how long would you need these funds?
c) How much stake are you are willing to part with?

It’s best to answer these questions in your business plan and tailor the information according to the specific investors you plan to approach. Equity financing can be a boon for new entrepreneurs if it is used appropriately with targeted goals. Do refer to books like “Financing Your Small Business” and “How to Raise Early Stage Private Equity Financing” from and “Financing Your Small Business” from to find out how it can work for you.

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