Income Tax Refunds – The Basics!

An income tax refund is actually a kind of tax rebate. In simple words you can say that it is actually a return on taxes you receive when the amount of tax liability is lesser than the actual tax paid in a single financial year. In this case you can claim maximum refund because you did not declare your investments which could have some amount of tax payments.

Income tax refunds can be very important to the taxpayers and the private investors, provided that the value of the guaranteed refund will be disclosed to them. Mostly, the taxpayers are pushing for augmented disclosure of the income tax refund and the associated value they create in general.

Guaranteed refund can be helpful for a salaried individual as it is likely that his/her company may have deducted surplus tax because he/she have not declared any of the investment to the company. Now people are using their guaranteed refund as a “simple savings plan” and carry on getting money back each year.

How to analyze tax refund?

To analyze whether you are eligible for Income tax refunds or not, you need to file your guaranteed refund documents. Salaried individual can get a form called Form-16 and this document will help you to claim guaranteed refund. Tax maximum refund must be claimed with one year of the last day of assessment year as Income tax refunds are based on your last year earnings and Tax liability. If you still have to disclose some income, do so ASAP to avoid penalties of any kind from income tax department

How to claim the tax refund?

To claim for it you should be aware of specific types of information, such as frequency of maximum refund of income tax, so they will be able to monitor efficiently and frequently their tax refund issues. You should restrain yourself from buying unnecessary things so they may stir clear of the refund issues.

The refund companies should educate their clients on the responsibilities associated with refund issues such as Revised return in the case of missed reporting any income or deductions, importance of date and acknowledgement number of original return filed, the impact of interest charges on partial refunds filing, and the positive and negative side of having large numbers of refunds.

  • To claim for it you must have your Social Security Number (or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)
  • Your Filing Status
  • The exact whole amount of your tax refund
  • Tax refunds can also be received directly to your bank account upon request.

When to file a Revised Return of Income?

You have to file a revised return of income when you think that you forgot or did not file the correct documents about your investments. A Revised Return of Income request needs to be filed using Form-30. The Income tax department of India has recently taken an initiative where we can check our tax return status from the internet. We just need to browse governments website and view every thing related to our tax information. Using an online service, Income tax returns are filed easily and refunds can be processed swiftly.

So the bottom line is, you are entitled to get refunds if additional tax has been deducted from your earnings. Also keep in mind that the time to get refund is volatile, thus do not overpay and do your calculations intelligently. The interest paid on your refund by the tax department is very near to the ground.

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